Interest Rates

Interest Rates


S.NLoan TitleInstallment Repayment MonthInterest RateService ChargeMaximum Loan Limit
1Loan without collateral
1.1General Loan
1.1.1Normal Loan12 to 2415%1.5%Up to 150,000*
1.1.2Education Loan1215%1.5%50,000
1.1.3Disaster Home Loan12 to 3614%1%100,000
1.1.4Consumer Loan
12 to 2415%1.5%100,000
1.1.5Alternative Energy Loan
12 to 3615%1.5%Up to 200,000*
1.2Discipline related loan
1.2.1Discipline Loan
12 to 6015%1.5%Up to 500,000*
1.2.2Special Discipline Loan1215%1.5%Up to 40,000*
1.2.3Emergency Loan(After 2 years membership)
12 15%1%10,000
1.3Entrepreneurship Development Loan12 to 6015%1.5%Up to 500,000*
1.4Covid Loan12 to 2414%1.5%100,000
2Collateral Loan
2.1Loan Related to microenterprise
2.1.1Micro Enterprise Loan12 to 120 15%1.5%Up to 150,000*
2.1.2Collateral Entrepreneurship Development Loan
12 to 12015%1.5%Up to 150,000*
2.1.3Home Loan
12 to 6015%1.5%Up to 150,000*
2.2Individual Loan
12 to 12015%1.5%Up to 150,000*

*  Terms and Conditions May Apply


S.NSavingsYearly interest rate(%)Minimum Deposit Remarks
1Mandatory Monthly Saving6%100
2Optional Saving
2.1Swachik Saving6%100
2.2Pewa Saving6%100
2.3Samayojan Saving6% -
2.4Pension Saving8.5% to 10.5%50 to 5,000Not currently offered
3Group Saving6%5
4Mero Sajilo, Khutruke Saving 6%500
5FIxed Deposit
5.16 months7%5,000
5.21 year7.5%5,000
5.32 years8.55,000