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Yearly Reward For Unit/ Client

CLBBL is organizing yearly unit gathering program in all branch. Unit representatives could share their experiences and give feedback about the program. The first three best units are getting cash prize and next three units are getting certificate and consolation prize on this occasion . 

Self Discipline Program

Under this program CLBBL member can conduct the monthly meeting by themselves. They can select the proper candidate for meeting conducting among them. CLBBL will train her and she will able to make new group and conduct monthly meeting. CLBBL will provide certain incentive for her through unit. 


Six best units are awarded in each branch every year. One scholarship of Nrs.200 is provided to each unit.

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Discipline Member Welfare Fund Saving

        At least three years old unit, have 20-25 members and they all have good credit record are eligible for this fund. CLBBL will provide Nrs.50 for 20 member’s unit & Nrs.250 for 25 member’s unit in each meeting. This amount is deposited in member welfare fund. This is nonrefundable can be withdrawn for illness, education and skill training. This reward is for their effort to make the unit best.