CLBSL Special Loan Products

CLBSL Special Loan Products

 Discipline Loan

Eligibility: Members who have successfully completed first loan cycle with good credit history

Loan amount: NRs 100,000 to NRs 500,000

Repayment period: 1 to 5 years 18%,interest rate pa on declining basis.


Special Card Loan

Eligibility: Members who are affiliated with the bank for three years and have track good credit history with at least 2 types of loan are issued Special Card Loan.

Loan amount  : NRs 20,000 (members who are associated with other MFIs)

                                  : NRs 30,000 to NRs 40,000 (members who are associated                                                                                                       only with CLBSL for 3 to 7 yrs.)

Repayment period:  12 months with Interest rate: 18% pa on declining basis.


Emergency Loan

Eligibility: Provided to members in case of emergency and have completed one normal loan.

Loan amount: NRs 5,000 to NRs 10,000 (only the golden and silver are                                               eligible to access upper loan ceiling of NRs 10,000).

Repayment period: 12 months with upto 18% interest rate on declining basis.

Unit Home Loan

Eligibility: This loan is to support CLBSL’s units to construct community or their unit buildings for    social functions and monthly meetings.

Loan amount: up to NRs 50,000.

Repayment period: 12-60 months with 10% pa on decline balance.